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Men’s 5 Pairs Warm Wool Thick Cotton Socks

5 Pairs
5 Pairs-Plus Size
5 Pairs-Multi Color
5 Pairs-Mix Color
  • Item Type: Sock: A piece of hosiery worn on the foot and typically extending to the calf or knee; in this case, designed for men.
  • Gender: MEN: Specifically designed for men.
  • Material: COTTON, Wool, and Spandex: Crafted from a blend of materials:
    • COTTON: Known for its breathability and comfort.
    • Wool: Provides warmth, insulation, and moisture-wicking properties.
    • Spandex: Adds elasticity for a snug and flexible fit.
  • Pieces: 5pcs: The set includes five pairs of socks.
  • Socks Tube Height: Middle Tube: The socks cover a medium length, typically extending to the middle of the calf.
  • Thickness: Thick: The socks are designed to be thick, providing additional warmth and cushioning.
  • High: Crew: The socks are crew-length, reaching up to the calf.

This set of men's socks is crafted from a blend of COTTON, Wool, and Spandex, providing comfort, warmth, and flexibility. The set includes five pairs of crew-length socks with a middle tube height, and they are designed to be thick for added warmth and cushioning.

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